Chameleon Submitter

Chameleon Submitter 4.52

In addition to being a fast and effective TGP & MGP gallery submitter, CHAMELEON SUBMITTER is a comp
4.52 (See all)
Selfix, s.r.o.

Larger database with more sites accepting movie galleries! Now you can submit all types of galleries - movie, picture or mixed. Added new Bisexual category! Chameleon Submitter now offers a selection of 71 categories! FTP upload tool available! Upload galleries and recips to your server without having to use an external FTP client! In addition to automatic and simple gallery and recip upload the FTP tool allows manual upload with a number of useful features simplifying the selection of items. There is also a tool for testing the correct local and server paths before the upload. Support of unlimited FTP servers for uploading your galleries/recips! Automatic filling of several code types. Optional automatic completion of information on movies which is needed to submit a movie gallery. Don't lose time find out their size, length and other parameters! Support of automatic submit of all sample thumbnail sizes leading to more sites switched to autosubmit! Automatic image cropping tool available! No more lengthy cropping of images and manual placement in forms. Crop samples of all sizes by a single click! Another, longer gallery description added (huge)! Huge description is useful when submitting movie galleries or other gallery types. Possible ranking of sites generated for submitting by the number of recips per gallery and their grouping by several criteria simultaneously (manually too). You can specify in advance which recip links will be displayed together in duplicated galleries! New tool for advanced search among the sites in the database using several criteria! Now you can have sites from several groups searched by rules of acceptance of the sites. Improved quick search! Site is searched by part of name, main URL or entered submit URL - only in the group you selected. Faster generation of sites suitable for submitting out of all sites available in the database! and more!

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